Meet Pearl

Pearl a whiteface cockatielThe fetching and feathery “alpha” flock member almost needs no introduction….but he sure does love introducing himself!

Thus far, Pearl’s biography (co-written by his large featherless biographer) has gotten rave reviews from VIP fans just like YOU.

He is also very proud of his new recipe book, “Waffles & More,” which raises money for a timely and urgent cause – the “Save the Waffles” fund.

Each personally beak-o-graphed book is shipped out “right away, no waiting,” which is just the way Pearl likes everything to be delivered.

About the co-authorPearl is an author, actor, pint-sized super spy .007, and cherished “alpha” flock member here at Casa Feathers n Beak n Shells!

Gender: Male.

Age: Timeless. We hope. (Typical lifespan is 20 years but the oldest known cockatiel was 36!)

Length: 10 inches (head to tail, not including crest).

Width: 2.5 inches (across wing blades).

Wingspan: Getting a certain avian to open wings, hold still, and get measured should be an Olympic sport. Which means we may never know.

Weight: 75 grams…give or take a few grams.

Color: Grey and white.

Favorite color: After grey and white? Green.

Favorite specific shade of green: Houseplant green.

Favorite food: Millet. Waffles.

Other favorite foods: Anything else my mom cooks or that other people are eating and not sharing.

Favorite shreddables: Library books and expensive store-bought books (not necessarily in that order). Magazines – and not the ads. He vastly prefers the meaty editorials that his featherless flock members are looking forward to reading. Wicker – couches, baskets, and anything else not designed to come into regular contact with small, sharp beaks.

Favorite activities: Shredding (see above). Admiring himself in reflective surfaces. Showers. Drinking water out of the faucet. “Typing” on my laptop. Shrieking. Flinging seed. Neck scratches. “Singing” along to my soothing meditation music (at which point it is neither soothing nor meditative and not really worth the $25 I paid for the CD….).

Daily schedule: Rise – whenever Mommy gets up. If Mommy gets up too early (unlikely but it has been known to happen) the resident not-a-morning-bird will hiss and try to bite when the cage cover is removed. All morning activities then focus on the feathers until cage changing, feeding, a shower (if desired) and location of a preferred perch is accomplished. After this, exhausted by all the attention, it is time for a very feathery nap. For hours. Upon waking, spa services (neck massage, feather scratching) are usually required. The large featherless assistant must be prompt to avoid shrieking. The assistant must not leave direct line-of-sight view at any time – and definitely not the premises – while  is awake….or not awake. Bedtime is whenever the feathered flock member gets more tired than an extended nap can deal with – usually around sundown in summer, and 8pm in winter.

Vocabulary: Shrieking. What sometimes sounds vaguely like “pretty birdie”. And, of course, the special chirps his Grandma taught him.

Pearl. Grandma (aka the “Small Tree”). Grandma, of course, is busy doing what grandmas do – admiring the visual majesty and dulcet singing tones of her precious feathery grandbird.

Favorite perches: Window ledges. Shower door. Bathroom bucket. Near anything reflective. Any location within shredding distance of green houseplants, wicker items, or crispy paper. Right on top of waffles, pizza, or anything else delicious that someone else is (was) intending to consume. The Small Tree (Grandma). The Tall Tree (Grandpa).

A perch on the 6’3″ green-wearing “Tall Tree” (aka Grandpa) is not always available, but is always preferred when available.

14 thoughts on “Meet Pearl

    1. JP now understands that Pearl is a pet not a snack – so that is helpful. They’ve been together since both were babies so they pretty much see each other as part of the larger “flock” by now. 🙂 Thanks for reading Shirley!

  1. She is a he?! I was confused for awhile, wondering if perhaps I had mistakenly been referring to Pearl by the wrong pronoun. (Mishka is a boy, too, but we gave up trying to change and decided we’d just call her a ‘she’ after all. What can we say, she’s a gender-equality parrot, haha!) Still, Pearl is so very handsome/pretty.

    1. Haha – trust me, we were confused too! Turns out my gal bird is a guy bird….it took joining the National Cockatiel Society to find it out though! I agree – parrots don’t care whether they are female or male. But it sure can confuse their parronts!

  2. Another interesting fact about parrots: they cannot contract (or spread) rabies. How did I come to research this issue? Well, I went on a cruise. It stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. I got off the ship and went shopping. One of the little stores I stumbled upon had an owner who had a medium sized parrot named Pedro. Of course I am drawn like a magnet to such things. The owner said, “Pedro likes the ladies.” And then Pedro said, “Ladies!” I was charmed. I said, “Oh handsome birdie! Do you want to step up?” and put my finger out. Yes, bad idea Pedro took a nice chunk out of my finger. It is always disturbing to be bitten by something you were trying to be nice to but I really wasn’t that worried about it until I got back on the ship. Then it occurred to me: I was in Mexico. They don’t necessarily have the same standards as the US. I was pretty sure birds didn’t get rabies, since the vet never wanted to vaccinate mine for it but I had to do some research to be sure. So I did. Because rabies is NOT something to take chances with. Anyway, my finger healed fine. And I did not learn my lesson. I still try to interact with birds who seems friendly. 🙂

    1. Wow – that is really good to know Vanessa! I didn’t know that either. Thanks for sharing so others can know. 🙂 It sounds like a more accurate statement might have been “Pedro likes how the ladies taste.” Yikes!!

  3. Hi Pearl you are so cute I have a tiel like you his name is Ockroc he is all most the same colors as you God bless you and your family <3

  4. We have a Pearl cockatiel appropriately named Pearla! She is a love… We call her a perpetual 2 year old… She’s my “daughters bird” although she does enjoy being with everyone!

    1. Awwww – LOVE Pearla’s name! “Perpetual two year old” sounds accurate for what we experience in this household as well….Pearl is my baby (in terms of if he is sick, hurt or scared) but in terms of preference he is in love with his grandpa (the “Tall Tree”).

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