Meet the Rest Of Our Flock

Pearl, Malti and Bruce may be the shining stars in our little flock’s adventures, but they couldn’t do what they do without the BEST supporting flock mates on the planet!

Dana Cutts, aka the “Small Chef”

Dana Cutts is Shannon’s mom and Pearl, Malti & Bruce’s grandma.

Most importantly, she is also Pearl’s personal Small Chef.

The happy culinary team is proud to announce the release of their new book, “Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book.”

When not tending to the demanding dietary needs of a certain pint-sized feathery gourmand, Dana can often be found walking Flash Gordon or slipping Malti and Bruce morsels of steamed organic salmon while Pearl isn’t looking.

Paul Cutts, aka the “Tall Tree” [now with us in spirit]

Paul Cutts is Shannon’s dad and Pearl, Malti & Bruce’s grandpa.

He is also Pearl’s personal Tall Tree, and Pearl spends many restful afternoons snoozing up high in his branches.

Most importantly, Paul is one-half of the legendary super-sleuthing duo, 007 & .007.

To relax after closing yet another successful top secret case, Pearl and Paul love to entertain the greater flock with their unique musical stylings. Pearl always sings lead….of course.

Flash Gordon, aka the “wild and woolly furred being”

Flash Gordon is a precious purebred standard wire-haired dachshund. He is very wild and woolly and also quite rambunctious, especially when victuals are involved!

Flash and Pearl have teamed up to taste-test new recipes. Pearl gets the first taste, of course. But then, as he lets the crumbs fall to repopulate the forest floor, Flash handily cleans up any extras!

Flash and Malti have a special bond. They both love “sitting,” “napping” and “resting” – even more so when they can do it together.



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