Save the Waffles Official Press Release

Save the Waffles! One bird’s courageous quest to save the snacks he loves!

Pearl Cutts is a 19-year-old grey and white cockatiel. He is also fabulous and feathery…..and very fond of waffles.

As CEO of Wet Bird Couture and the wildly popular Love & Feathers & Shells blog, Pearl keeps busy with a full plate of fashion shoots, feature writing and talent scouting.

As a famous and feathery actor, his hit series of one-avian plays frequently features the sleuthing skills of his mysterious alter-ego, .007, pint-sized super spy.

But somehow amidst all this – and even after an enthusiastic yet failed bid for the 2016 presidency – Pearl still finds time to serve as the official spokesbird for Save the Waffles!, a worthy cause near and dear to his heart.

Most recently, Pearl and his personal Small Chef (his petite featherless grandma, Dana Cutts) have released a fresh new recipe book called “Waffles & More” in support of Save the Waffles!

Their new book features 70 top secret recipes formerly known only to Pearl and his grandma. Pearl has now chosen to make the recipes for these mouth-watering delicacies available to his VIP fans and the world. All proceeds from book sales go to support Pearl’s Save the Waffles! fund.

“Waffles & More” is a much-requested follow-up to Pearl’s first book, “Love & Feathers: what a palm-sized parrot has taught me about life, love, and healthy self-esteem” (co-written with a little help from his official large featherless biographer, Shannon Cutts).

“Love & Feathers” and “Waffles & More” are just two of the many ways Pearl strives to keep the plight of the waffles topmost in the public eye.

To learn more about Pearl, his books and Save the Waffles! you can visit him



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