Day 314: Functional, Fashionable Redfoot Tortoise Skin

redfoot tortoise

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Not every being is born for life under cover in the deep tropical forest.

As anyone knows who has ever gone tromping through the underbrush, you never know what might be hiding inside….or how upset it might get about being disturbed.

So you want to outfit yourself with the right gear for your forest adventures….like thick, sturdy tortoise skin.

And function doesn’t have to supersede fashion, either. If you play your evolutionary cards right, you can put together a striking survival suit that hides you when you need hiding and helps you shine when you are in the mood for shining.

For example, let’s say you have chosen red dots as a fierce and fashion-forward accessory.

What color compliments red dots (as well as yellow and orange accent dots) to perfection? Black, of course!

But that is not all black is good for in your functional, fashionable wardrobe.

Black is great for night ops, leaving you free to stalk straight-out through the forest scoping prey that can’t scope back…on account of how well you blend in with your surroundings.

And since red looks darker in low light, after hours (or during a midnight snack run) your dots will blend in nicely too.

In daytime, black holds the heat in, keeping your cold blood warm and toasty just like you like it. Plus, it sets off your fabulous features to perfection.

redfoot tortoise
Black tortoise skin with colorful dots – it works for function as well as fashion!

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