Resting in Place with Malti: Slow and Steady

Hailing from the most ancient and enduring of species can give you a perspective younger life forms clearly lack. From your unique vantage point, you can see how the temporary ebbs and flows of life can sometimes send hot (oh so hot) molten lava spewing out, only to turn around and cover the whole worldContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Slow and Steady”

Resting in Place with Malti: Me and My MommyGuard

You don’t have to be out of your small round white escape pod for very long before it becomes clear that the planet can be a dangerous place. Predators both enormous and infinitesimal are roaming about night and day, and no matter where you go and who you meet, everyone looks hungry. You would justContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Me and My MommyGuard”

Redfoot Tortoise Closeup With the Camera

When you have a face that loves the camera, you can absolutely expect the camera will love you back. It might even start following you around. Reason being….”cuteness.” You have it and every other being wants it. Luckily, the more attention you get (see “cuteness”) the more snacks you are likely to get. Even justContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Closeup With the Camera”

Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk

Redfoot tortoises are roamers. Wild redfoots will freely wander searching for snacks. Pet redfoots will also freely wander searching for snacks. You never know when a snack may appear, so if you don’t see one right away, just keep walking. Sooner or later, or for however long it may take, you will eventually wander rightContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk”

Day 356: Snuggles With Shells

Living in close quarters with beings of others species can require an ongoing commitment to education. Or, rather, re-education. Sure, it is true you enjoy a good refreshing outdoor mud wallow as much as the next being. After all, who doesn’t? But that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate other comforts as well. Take snuggles, forContinue reading “Day 356: Snuggles With Shells”

Day 323: The Good Shelled Life

Every being wants to live a good life. Of course, the details of what, precisely, a “good life” looks like can vary wildly from one individual to the next. Some seem born to carve caves out of rocks – tackling life with brute strength and a dogged determination to walk uphill from start to finish.Continue reading “Day 323: The Good Shelled Life”

Day 320: A Perfect Tortoise Poncho

Winter is definitely a time of rest. If you weren’t supposed to nap a lot in winter, then why’d they make the days so short? On days you feel especially snoozy, you may even want to extend your afternoon nap right into your evening siesta. But the one thing you don’t want to do isContinue reading “Day 320: A Perfect Tortoise Poncho”

Day 314: Functional, Fashionable Redfoot Tortoise Skin

Not every being is born for life under cover in the deep tropical forest. As anyone knows who has ever gone tromping through the underbrush, you never know what might be hiding inside….or how upset it might get about being disturbed. So you want to outfit yourself with the right gear for your forest adventures….likeContinue reading “Day 314: Functional, Fashionable Redfoot Tortoise Skin”

Day 305: Those Perfect Tortoise Nostrils

You don’t want to be born with a shell if you don’t like compliments. All it takes is one glimpse and you can expect to be showered with them anywhere and at any time. Often the first cute thing about you that new fans notice is your adorable red dotted feet. This, naturally, leads themContinue reading “Day 305: Those Perfect Tortoise Nostrils”

Day 302: The Tortoise and the Paparazzi

Fame has its perks – there is no denying that. You get your own posh, private accommodations, dedicated customer service from your own personal large shell-less assistant, a continual stream of fan mail from admirers, shell scratches and warm baths whenever you want them….and of course handfed treats galore. But it is not all sunshineContinue reading “Day 302: The Tortoise and the Paparazzi”

Day 293: A Tortoise and Her Blanket

Being a tropical tortoise from South America, you know exactly how you like your climate. WARM. Warm is good. Warmer is better. Very very warm is best of all. Since you don’t prefer to spend the cold weather days buried under a big pile of dusty hay like your smaller, clearly less discerning shelled brother,Continue reading “Day 293: A Tortoise and Her Blanket”

Day 287: A Tortoise’s Favorite Seat

When it comes to seating, it doesn’t really matter what species you are. Everyone has their preferences. For instance, your own personal taste may run to sitting on top of things. Or perhaps you prefer to sit underneath things. Maybe you like your seats more simple and spare….or plush and fluffy. If you aren’t sureContinue reading “Day 287: A Tortoise’s Favorite Seat”

Day 281: The Tortoise Nose Knows

Living inside with your large shell-less assistant and small feathery brother is not for the faint of constitution. Talk about a dynamic duo. For starters, there is all the shrieking. It can be enough to make you want to pull the covers over your head and hunker down and hide. And yet there are perksContinue reading “Day 281: The Tortoise Nose Knows”

Day 272: Little Tortoise, Big Lettuce

In the world of the large shell-less beings, there is a fascination with very large snacks. Yet even with snacks being one of the few fascinations your two species seem to share in common, you can nevertheless spot a few potential problems right off the bat. For starters, when a snack is that sizable, youContinue reading “Day 272: Little Tortoise, Big Lettuce”

Day 260: That Redfoot Tortoise Tongue

When you are born round on all sides, there are no bad angles. All your sides are good sides. All perspectives are equally photogenic. And if that wasn’t already enough – then you open up your adorable round redfoot tortoise mouth (which is located right below your adorable round nostrils) and show the world yourContinue reading “Day 260: That Redfoot Tortoise Tongue”

Day 242: A Tortoise and Her Tortoise

As a small shelled being, it doesn’t take much time living in an interspecies flock to realize your large shell-less flock member needs a lot of togetherness time. Being more of a laid-back sort yourself, this can create some logistical headaches. For example, sometimes she will show up, eager for more of your signature brandContinue reading “Day 242: A Tortoise and Her Tortoise”


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