Resting in Place with Malti: Little Tortoise and the Ramp

tortoise walks down dog ramp

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One of the most fun things about living with interspecies flock members is springing little surprises on them.

Or big surprises.

The best time to do this is just when your flock mates get really used to you doing things a certain way.

They start making comfy little assumptions about you based on how you look, your customary pace as you walk, your favorite hobbies and pastimes, even your preferred menu.

You can almost see them, hear them, as they settle oh-so-easefully into their expectations.

Which is precisely when you want to make your move.

Let’s say you have watched your furry brother walk up and down this long, narrow contraption day in and day out. Every time you are over at your grandparents’ house, your wild and woolly bestie patiently demonstrates the technique for you yet again.

Finally, the day arrives when you feel like you’ve got it down. You know the ropes. You are ready.

But you’ve waited this long, and you want to choose just the right moment.

So you watch. You wait until everyone else in your flock – the two-legged members, the four-legged members, even the (extremely noisy) winged member – are all settled down and concentrating hard on something that isn’t you.

And then you spring it. You do your thing.

You walk DOWN. THE. RAMP.

tortoise walks down dog ramp
Talk about a really good time – you know your super-shocked, awestruck flock mates will be talking about your big feat for – well – ever. As well they should!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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