Redfoot Tortoise Diet: Calcium, Phosphorus, Oxalates and More

The large shell-less assistant here…. When Malti first joined our little flock as a five-week-old hatchling redfoot tortoise, my approach to her feeding and care was basically the wrong approach. I had the initial thought – “Well, how hard could it be? I kept water turtles as a child and they were all really healthy!”Continue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Diet: Calcium, Phosphorus, Oxalates and More”

Redfoot Tortoise Chomps Whole Living Lettuce

Out in the big wild world, it’s always lunchtime somewhere. The only question is, which side of the lunch plate will you be on? In other words, when there are only two options on the menu, “eat or get eaten,” you want to make sure you are the one doing the eating. Like so.

Redfoot Tortoise Destroys Zucchini Plant

In our little flock, we have a saying. Plant it and she will come. And then she will eat it. And then it will be no more. So I guess the saying is more like a poem. Or a requiem. Zucchini plant, you will be missed. Especially by a certain redfooted someone.

Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk

Redfoot tortoises are roamers. Wild redfoots will freely wander searching for snacks. Pet redfoots will also freely wander searching for snacks. You never know when a snack may appear, so if you don’t see one right away, just keep walking. Sooner or later, or for however long it may take, you will eventually wander rightContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk”

Redfoot Tortoise Climbs the Mountain

Can redfoot tortoises climb? Do redfoot tortoises climb? Yup. And yup. Right from hatchling-hood, Malti has tried to climb anything and everything. She especially loathes fences and barriers of any kind. (Anything can be a barrier, by the way, if it stands between her and something she wants, like any item that looks delicious.) NothingContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Climbs the Mountain”

Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot

Relaxation looks simple but it really isn’t. Plenty of amateurs think all you have to do to relax is drape a leg on something and – voila. Check that off the list. As if. These pretenders wouldn’t know real relaxation if they fell into it. Real relaxation is an art. First, you want to doContinue reading “Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot”

Day 361: Sweeping for Snacks

Learning the art of snack sweeping takes dedication. Focus. Determination. Most of all, perseverance. After all, the turtle snacks aren’t going to sweep themselves. Being built for low-to-the-ground surveillance gives you certain natural advantages. The snacks can hide, but when they run you will certainly see them! The key is to lurk in absolute stillnessContinue reading “Day 361: Sweeping for Snacks”

Day 359: The Tortoise and the Sea Turtle

There are some great perks to living an indoor/outdoor lifestyle as a redfoot tortoise. Your daily life is definitely more posh and personalized than most others of your kind. But cohabitating with the large shell-less beings (not to mention the small shrieking feathered species) can take some getting used to. Sometimes, you just need toContinue reading “Day 359: The Tortoise and the Sea Turtle”

Day 356: Snuggles With Shells

Living in close quarters with beings of others species can require an ongoing commitment to education. Or, rather, re-education. Sure, it is true you enjoy a good refreshing outdoor mud wallow as much as the next being. After all, who doesn’t? But that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate other comforts as well. Take snuggles, forContinue reading “Day 356: Snuggles With Shells”

Day 353: The Red Dotted Snack Attractor

There is a reason chefs love the color red. It stimulates the appetite. Sometimes snack shop owners like to cover their whole establishment in red to ensure guests know what kind of enterprise they are running. Of course, when you are born literally covered in red dots, you don’t need those kinds of obvious cluesContinue reading “Day 353: The Red Dotted Snack Attractor”

Day 350: A Very Green Redfoot

One of the (many) odd habits of the large shell-less beings is their tendency to stop everything just to have a snack. They might be walking along and all of a sudden their tummy grumbles. So they drop what they are doing – just like that – often heading off in a completely different directionContinue reading “Day 350: A Very Green Redfoot”

Day 347: Cold Blooded Clover Chomper

Being low to the ground and leisurely about dining gives you plenty of time to observe. For example, there are lots of beings who enjoy lunching on greens. Although some are quite odd. For example, many of these beings have hooves, horns or even curly fur that make them look just like fluffy clouds onContinue reading “Day 347: Cold Blooded Clover Chomper”

Day 344: Tortoise Cuddles

Some beings are simply born for comfort. While others of their kind might gravitate towards more rustic accommodations, well, when you are born to life a life of luxury you know it. You own it. You work it for all its worth. Sure, you might have cold blood on the inside. But you have aContinue reading “Day 344: Tortoise Cuddles”

Day 341: A Deep Forest Tortoise

Setting up a household that includes flock members from different species can very naturally bring up some differences of opinion. Say one flock member is small and feathery. He prefers everything to be very open and spacious with no (zero, zilch) obstructions in line-of-sight. But then say another flock member is round with a shellContinue reading “Day 341: A Deep Forest Tortoise”

Day 338: A Tortoise and Her Grandpa

In a busy interspecies flock, you’ve got to be a quick study to figure out how to be first in line for treats, pats and cuddles. In other words, there are lots of (very cute) wide open mouths to feed…and every lap has a reservation list a mile long. One great way to shoulder yourContinue reading “Day 338: A Tortoise and Her Grandpa”

Day 335: Tortoise Begs for Treats

It can pay to be slow and low to the ground when you live in an interspecies flock. From this unique vantage point, you can quickly learn who is in charge of what and how to work them for all they are worth. For example, it doesn’t take long to learn that your large shell-lessContinue reading “Day 335: Tortoise Begs for Treats”

Day 332: Redfoot Resting Face

When you are born with a shell on your back, you can look forward to a lot of resting. A LOT of resting. After all, there is no need to work out or exercise – you do that every time you get up! And lugging around that heavy shell while foraging guarantees “calories in, caloriesContinue reading “Day 332: Redfoot Resting Face”

Day 326: The Redfoot Of Many Colors

When you are born with red-dotted feet, it doesn’t take a lot of mental revving to figure out how the powers-that-be came up with your common species name. But just because you are known for having red dots, that doesn’t mean you can’t have other colors of dots as well. For example, perhaps you decideContinue reading “Day 326: The Redfoot Of Many Colors”


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