Malti the Redfoot Tortoise: Connecting the Dots

redfoot tortoise

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Being small and self-contained can really make living in an interspecies flock fun.

With family members of all shapes and sizes there is always room to mix things up.

As one of the smallest and certainly the slowest flock member, your interspecies family can get pretty used to you showing up in the same way and at the same place and time every day.

Until you don’t.

Let’s say you are relaxing in your portable tortoise casa under a warm damp humidity blanket. Everyone has just settled down to take a rest. They are relaxed and unsuspecting.

This is a great time to make your entrance.

redfoot tortoise walking carpet
By choosing just the right moment to make your entrance, you will catch your flock by complete surprise.

Sure, they might be able to see just the merest hint of red dots underneath your humidity towel.

But will they be able to connect the (ahem) dots?

redfoot tortoise
After a suitable time period to enjoy your big entrance, you can give your flock mates a hint or two to help them connect the dots.
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