Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Waffle Wingman

cockatiel eats waffle

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Live amongst the large featherless species for long enough and you will notice they have some very strange flocking rituals.

Take the “wingman,” for example.

This is an easy one to decode…or at least it should be.

Wing + man. Clearly, this term refers to you.

Yet the large featherless beings seem to think it means traveling in pairs – wingless, featherless pairs, go figure – often in a (fruitless) attempt to entice a mate.

They could at least try to flap a little – maybe make an inviting chirp or two.

The thing is, when you are a legit wingman, you don’t need any backup.

You can just walk right up to whatever it is you want to entice – a ladybird, an unattended waffle – and it is as good as yours.

cockatiel eats waffle
The mark of any authentic wingman is not needing any backup at all to entice whatever you want to come right up to you.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama


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