Day 268: Cockatiel Commandeers Rice

Cockatiel eats rice

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One of the best reasons to choose life in an interspecies flock is to expand your palate.

This requires a special skillset, however – the large featherless beings eat some pretty strange things!

Eschewing fine edibles such as paper towels, wicker, grout and crown molding, they tend to go for softer, more pliable victuals….some of which can be surprisingly tasty.

As it turns out, the softer the delicacy is, the easier it is to accumulate the appropriate level of beak build-up for a really satisfying post-meal fling.

Flinging, as every cockatiel knows, not only adds fun and excitement to the dining experience, but it is also great exercise – and not just for you.

After a rousing session of flinging, your large featherless assistant will be forced to vacate the small reflective device with the crispy keys (which you can then commandeer just as you do her dinner each night) and do some calisthenics of her own.

Cockatiel eats rice
While it definitely takes a fearless palate to sample some of the featherless beings’ strange food choices, sometimes you may be pleasantly surprised!
Cockatiel eats rice
When you discover a dish with particularly good beak build-up potential, you can also use that to give your large featherless assistant some much-needed exercise at the end of each meal.

What are your birds‘ favorite fling-able delicacies? Maybe Pearl should try them too!


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