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cockatiel napping

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Stress is nobody’s bestie.

Whether it comes from unauthorized (at least from you) visits to the large featherless beings in the unattractive white lab coats or something awful called “social distancing” that means you are supposed to stay far away from the ladybirds during nesting season (as if), stress is a bona fide party killer.

Luckily, there is one thing guaranteed to knock even the dreaded stress on its grumpy featherless a**.


Naps hang a “do not disturb” sign right over the entryway where stress would normally try to sneak in.

Naps give both your big bird brain and fetching feathery body a restorative rest.

Naps make you look even cuter, which may attract the paparazzi, true, but are quite likely to attract the “single and seeking” ladybirds too.

After all, if you are all grown up and look this cute while napping, think of how cute your tiny napping eggs will look!

cockatiel napping
A “Master Napper” (a technical term) demonstrates how to send stress scampering while attracting every single and seeking ladybird for miles around.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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