Being Brave with Bruce: All Kinds of Brave

box turtle hiding

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As any being who has ever been rescued knows, being brave is definitely an inside job.

Sometimes being brave means standing on your own, persevering, crossing that busy street to get to the other side.

And sometimes being brave means letting the tall and terrifying shell-less beings intercept you just as you are about to step off into that insanely busy intersection, even though it scares you half to death to be picked up and carried about so high off the familiar ground.

In the same way, sometimes being brave means staying small and silent and out of sight until all the hungry predators have filled their dinner plates with a main course that isn’t you.

And sometimes being brave means coming out into the open so you can be rescued into your new “forever” home, even though it still scares you a little or a lot to make this choice.

Either way, and in all ways, brave is brave is brave.

box turtle hiding
Whether the day calls for staying put or stepping out, brave is brave is brave. And when you do it, you know it.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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