Being Brave with Bruce: Mountain Climbing

Sometimes you might wake up and be really in the mood to do some mountain climbing. You are full of vim and vigor. Bring it on! You were born to summit. But then again, a mountain might arrive at just the wrong moment – such as during your winter brumation or when you are inContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Mountain Climbing”

Being Brave with Bruce: Sheltering in Place

There are moments in life where you are raring to go and life…well…isn’t. Maybe it is the height of the warm (hot) season and you couldn’t be more excited about looking for love, filling your belly and making your way in this small round blue world. Then suddenly you are told to do something calledContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Sheltering in Place”

Being Brave with Bruce: When You Need a Friend

We all need rescuing sometimes. For many of us, being rescued isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime need, either. While there is something to be said for having a well-laid plan, this can only take you so far. This is especially the case when, in the eyes of most of your planet-mates, you are exactly the right shapeContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: When You Need a Friend”

Being Brave with Bruce: Living the Good Green Life

“Good life” means different things to different beings. If you are a large shell-less being, perhaps living a good life means you survived another day on the lam from a certain set of highly infectious microscopic particles. Or it might mean you return home that night to discover your (wine) glass is half-full yet again.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Living the Good Green Life”

Happy Day O’ Independence from Love & Feathers & Shells

When you are just a chick and your bullying flockmates bite off your left wing tip and three of your eight powerful sharp curved talons, independence becomes kind of a thing. You had it when you were born. But now you don’t have it. You can’t fly like the other birds. You need help toContinue reading “Happy Day O’ Independence from Love & Feathers & Shells”

Being Brave with Bruce: Getting Back Out There

Life frequently seems to present more questions than answers. There is the question of what will become of our small (shared) round blue planet. And the question of what it might be like when you get a lot older than you are now. And then there is the question of when to “get back outContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Getting Back Out There”

Being Brave With Bruce: A Time to Step Up

There are days when it is a good day to hide. Such as the day you wake up to (are woken up by) the shrieks of the hungry hawk babies in the tree next door as they scream for their breakfast. Which, in turn, attracts the feline from one house over – a furry, fangedContinue reading “Being Brave With Bruce: A Time to Step Up”

Being Brave with Bruce: Sitting Cute

Life can be very hard at times. Oh so very hard. But then there are those pivotal moments in every being’s life that make all the hardships and scary-ness (a technical term) and challenges worth it. Like the moment when that huge snarfling predator stomps right past you (because you are such an excellent hider).Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Sitting Cute”

Happy Birthday to Our Small Chef!

Once each year a very special day arrives. It is the day when a certain flock-wide Small Chef turns one year younger. And wiser. And even more special. It doesn’t matter what species you are – a Grandma’s love is a Grandma’s love. When you know you are loved and cared for and doted uponContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Our Small Chef!”

Being Brave with Bruce: It’s the Climb

The large shell-less beings have a saying. “When the going gets tough, it’s a good time to hibernate.” Or something like that. But there is something to be said for staying brave. For showing up. For stepping up to the plate (especially if it has a plump wriggling earthworm on it). For making the climb.Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: It’s the Climb”

Happy Father’s & Mother’s & Grandparents Day!

Being a Dad or a Mom is a pretty big deal, for sure. But being a grandbirdparent – now that is something special. And being a grandturtleparent – how many beings on this small round blue planet can add that singular honor to their lifetime resume? At first glance, it might seem like your largeContinue reading “Happy Father’s & Mother’s & Grandparents Day!”

Being Brave with Bruce: Opening Up the Box

Being a card carrying member of the wild life doesn’t leave much time for making friends. After all, everybody needs to eat…every single day. You know the moment you wake up each morning that it is game on once again. All day, every day, you keep your eyes peeled for delicacies while remaining hyper-aware thatContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Opening Up the Box”

Being Brave with Bruce: Two Shells Is Better

There is no doubt that “the shell” is a very good design. It is lightweight, attractive, sleek and stealthy. Tired? Take a snooze inside your shell. Looking for lunch? Hunker down in your shell to scope for snacks. Looking like lunch? Snap shut and send the predator packing for greener (well, browner) pastures. Depending onContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Two Shells Is Better”

Being Brave with Bruce: Good Luck Box Turtle

Moving into an interspecies flock means getting a crash course in how other species see the world. For example, you might notice that your large shell-less rescue mama really has a thing for these small round red creatures with dots and antennae. She seems to feel better – luckier – when they are around. You,Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Good Luck Box Turtle”

Being Brave with Bruce: Box Upgrade

It can be advantageous to have a totally secure box you can close yourself up into whenever danger strikes. Then again, it can also be awfully lonely. It can be easy to psych yourself out, in there all by yourself. Obviously, the ideal scenario would be to invite a friend to shelter inside your boxContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Box Upgrade”

Being Brave with Bruce: Hugs and Head Pats

Sometimes you wake up, hear the latest news and realize…. You need a hug. Or a head pat. Or maybe many head pats. Hugs and head pats won’t make the bad news go away. But they sure can make you feel braver to bear it! (Not to mention very, very loved.) Pearl, Malti, Bruce &Continue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Hugs and Head Pats”

Being Brave with Bruce: A Very Good Day

Some days you wake up and just know nothing will ever be the same again. Maybe a sizable rock slams into your small round blue planet and suddenly you have to quickly relocate underground. (On the plus side, when you finally do re-emerge, your huge slavering fanged neighbors appear to be no more. Whew.) OrContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: A Very Good Day”

Being Brave with Bruce: Breaking Out the Cuteness

There’s nothing like a big, unwelcome, unwanted worldwide event (like the kind that begins with a capital “P”) to make you oh-so-aware of how different species can have different coping styles. For example, some of your flock mates like a lot of togetherness (typically these are the ones covered in feathers). Others of your flock mates prefer to seekContinue reading “Being Brave with Bruce: Breaking Out the Cuteness”


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