Being Brave with Bruce: Claws for Days

box turtle claws

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When participation in the food chain o’ life isn’t an elective, you want to make sure you bring your very best A-game (and all its fancy accessories) to every single interaction.

Suit up and then show up, so to speak.

Speaking of accessories, here it can help to have a range of options to match each occasion.

For instance, if you are meeting a single and seeking lady 3-toed box turtle, you want to make sure your (adorable, irresistible) whirling red eyes and bright orange cheek patches are on full display.

But then again, when you are with your large shell-less assistant, a “nostrils first” position is optimal for extracting the tastiest morsels (she sure is a sucker for a cute set of perfect round box turtle nostrils).

And if anything that looks hungry happens to cross your path, you don’t mess around.

If you can’t “cuteness stun” them (a technical term), this is always the right job for your set of 16 sleek, sharp and stylish claws.

box turtle claws
Having claws for days is a great way to communicate “Thanks for asking, but no, I’m not on the menu.”

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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