Being Brave with Bruce: Box Turtle FaceTime

rescued box turtle with keeper

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Going from the wild life to the pet life is guaranteed to be a big transition.

You might do the same basic things each day, but why and how you do them is often very very different.

Take meeting face to face, for instance.

In a wildlife setting, meeting face to face typically only means one of two things: you are about to get lunch or you are about to be lunch.

So it can be a real shocker to discover other species do this just for fun!

Of course, once you’ve made the leap into the life of a rescued companion box turtle, you may be understandably curious and want to try out this “FaceTime” stuff for yourself.

But what do you do when you give it a try and discover your large shell-less assistant has an enormous face?!

NoseTime. It is what any self-respecting box turtle would do.

rescued box turtle with keeper
If FaceTime is good, NoseTime is even better!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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