Day 285: Shell Scratches for Box Turtles

Box turtle gets shell pats

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Just because you are small and round and low to the ground doesn’t mean you aren’t very observant.

As a newcomer to flock life, it doesn’t take long to realize you are the shyest member of your new family.

For example, there is your small and (extremely) loud feathery brother who demands neck feather scratches about a hundred (thousand) times a day.

There is your larger shelled sister who will sit still for minutes upon minutes at a time, contentedly having her shell scratched by the flock-wide large featherless, shell-less assistant.

And then there is you.

You’ve never had a shell scratch in your life. Of course no one has ever offered you one until now, but even so, you still aren’t sure it is safe to accept. And you are not at all sure you will like it if you do.

So you watch. You wait. You consider.

Meanwhile, your assistant keeps offering. After all, her other charges love them so you might too.

Box turtle near hand
Your large shell-less rescue mama keeps offering shell scratches. But she never forces them on you. She just offers and lets you think about it some more.

Then one day, throwing all caution to the winds and mustering up all your (considerable) box turtle courage, you creep just a little bit closer….and a little bit closer….and even a little bit closer….

Box turtle gets shell pats
Suddenly, you are experiencing your very first very gentle shell scratches! And suddenly, you see what you’ve been missing! 

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

4 thoughts on “Day 285: Shell Scratches for Box Turtles

    1. A star who loves his grandma (and her delish perfect box turtle-sized organic steamed salmon entrees) so very much! ❤️

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