Day 285: Shell Scratches for Box Turtles

Just because you are small and round and low to the ground doesn’t mean you aren’t very observant. As a newcomer to flock life, it doesn’t take long to realize you are the shyest member of your new family. For example, there is your small and (extremely) loud feathery brother who demands neck feather scratchesContinue reading “Day 285: Shell Scratches for Box Turtles”

Day 279: Box Turtle Social Skills

Being born very cute can quickly become problematic when you are also very shy. Sure, there is your precious curved shell, your adorable orange cheek patches, your expressive red whirling eyes, your stunning white neck. It’s no surprise why other beings like you so much. Some of those beings can be quite patient, too, waitingContinue reading “Day 279: Box Turtle Social Skills”


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