Day 260: That Redfoot Tortoise Tongue

Redfoot tortoise tongue

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When you are born round on all sides, there are no bad angles.

All your sides are good sides. All perspectives are equally photogenic.

And if that wasn’t already enough – then you open up your adorable round redfoot tortoise mouth (which is located right below your adorable round nostrils) and show the world your plump pink tortoise tongue.


Redfoot tortoise tongue
That cute plump pink tortoise tongue, tho!

Of course if you do this without any warning, don’t count on getting any of it captured for posterity on camera….on account of how your large shell-less photography assistant is likely to be down for the count in a full-on faint.

“Cuteness,” after all. It really should come with a warning label.

If this happens during your photo shoot, you can speed things along by closing your mouth again – preferably around a tasty treat.

This should give your assistant some time to regroup and refocus.

Tortoise sticks tongue out
Chomping down on a tasty treat can give your assistant time to get her bearings and refocus.

But don’t be surprised if you hit another speed bump when you resume the shoot. Because the moment you open up your mouth once more and your perfect pink tongue (and all that precious little tort saliva) pops into sight….

WHOMP. Down she goes.

Redfoot tortoise opens mouth wide
It’s your assistant’s fault, really – she keeps serving such tasty snacks!

While you are waiting for her to come to yet again, you can focus on preparing for the grand finale.

This is the moment when you show your slavishly devoted large shell-less fans exactly how each snack goes right “down the hatch” (a technical term).

Redfoot tortoise swallows lettuce
A rarely seen, let alone documented, sight – a fresh green snack goes “down the hatch!”

WHOMP. Yup. You saw that one coming.

But it is perfect timing, really – because all that chomping has set your mind to pondering a cuteness-sustaining restful afternoon nap.

Which part of Malti is the cutest? You decide!

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Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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