Resting in Place with Malti: Love Is Love

It is a weird time to be alive – when one minute personal space fetches a premium price and the next minute you can’t give the stuff away. Social distancing was made for no species….least of all the uninvited microscopic party crashers that simply refuse to leave the rest of us alone. But there isContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Love Is Love”

Resting in Place with Malti: Super Stealth Shell

Being born with a shell means you are naturally very stealthy. The fact that you are also born low to the ground and slow and steady is just icing on the proverbial (tortoise-sized) cake. But sometimes you find that you want or need to add even an extra layer of stealth. For instance, maybe thereContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Super Stealth Shell”

Resting in Place with Malti: Soak for Success

It can be unsettling to wake up one day and discover you are suddenly at war with an opponent you can’t even see. Your enemy can get aerial without wings, survive for days (weeks) on surfaces without sustenance, stay dormant nearly indefinitely without losing any of their super-scary infectious powers. In a word….ACK. But thereContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Soak for Success”

Resting in Place with Malti: Letting the Grass Grow

You don’t have to be bipedal with a big (and frankly, top-heavy) brain to figure out that sometimes it is good to go slow and let the grass grow under your feet. It is smart to stop and smell the roses (or the hibiscus, or the dandelion greens). It is wise to notice how anyContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Letting the Grass Grow”

Resting in Place with Malti: Slow and Steady

Hailing from the most ancient and enduring of species can give you a perspective younger life forms clearly lack. From your unique vantage point, you can see how the temporary ebbs and flows of life can sometimes send hot (oh so hot) molten lava spewing out, only to turn around and cover the whole worldContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Slow and Steady”

Resting in Place with Malti: Me and My MommyGuard

You don’t have to be out of your small round white escape pod for very long before it becomes clear that the planet can be a dangerous place. Predators both enormous and infinitesimal are roaming about night and day, and no matter where you go and who you meet, everyone looks hungry. You would justContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Me and My MommyGuard”

Resting in Place with Malti: Moving the Brick

In the world of the large shell-less beings, when someone is facing a big obstacle, there is such a thing as “raising the bar.” Taking it to the next level. Bringing your “A” game. Being in it to win it. Upping the ante (whatever an “ante” is). Of course, this is easier when your opponentContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Moving the Brick”

Resting in Place with Malti: Redecorating with Watercress

After an extended period of time resting in place, you might understandably begin to get tired of the same ol’, same ol’. Same scenery. Same household furnishings. Same art. Same flock mates (SIGH). This is always the right time to bust out your “inner redecorator.” You might not think you have an inner redecorator. WhileContinue reading “Resting in Place with Malti: Redecorating with Watercress”

Redfoot Tortoise Diet: Calcium, Phosphorus, Oxalates and More

The large shell-less assistant here…. When Malti first joined our little flock as a five-week-old hatchling redfoot tortoise, my approach to her feeding and care was basically the wrong approach. I had the initial thought – “Well, how hard could it be? I kept water turtles as a child and they were all really healthy!”Continue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Diet: Calcium, Phosphorus, Oxalates and More”

Redfoot Tortoise Gets Shell Scratches

Growing up can be itchy business. While many other beings may not look at your redfoot tortoise shell and see a living organism, you know differently. Your keratin-covered, bony shell, which is attached to your spinal column and skeleton, is literally what holds you up. When it grows, you grow….whether you were particularly wanting toContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Gets Shell Scratches”

Redfoot Tortoise Makes an Epic Mud Wallow

Everyone loves the tropics. The sun, the warmth, the lush green – it looks as good as it feels and feels as good as it looks. And yet there are parts of living the tropical life that don’t get their fair share of praise. Take mud, for instance. It is so refreshing. So restorative. SoContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Makes an Epic Mud Wallow”

Redfoot Tortoise Eats Hibiscus Flower the Size of Her Body

Many beings today are not fans of “supersizing.” But the redfoot tortoise will never join their misguided little club. After all, if small and delicious is good, large and delicious is better. Following the logic, then, enormous and delicious is – in a word – fantastic. Obviously.

Redfoot Tortoise Closeup With the Camera

When you have a face that loves the camera, you can absolutely expect the camera will love you back. It might even start following you around. Reason being….”cuteness.” You have it and every other being wants it. Luckily, the more attention you get (see “cuteness”) the more snacks you are likely to get. Even justContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Closeup With the Camera”

Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk

Redfoot tortoises are roamers. Wild redfoots will freely wander searching for snacks. Pet redfoots will also freely wander searching for snacks. You never know when a snack may appear, so if you don’t see one right away, just keep walking. Sooner or later, or for however long it may take, you will eventually wander rightContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk”

Redfoot Tortoise Climbs the Mountain

Can redfoot tortoises climb? Do redfoot tortoises climb? Yup. And yup. Right from hatchling-hood, Malti has tried to climb anything and everything. She especially loathes fences and barriers of any kind. (Anything can be a barrier, by the way, if it stands between her and something she wants, like any item that looks delicious.) NothingContinue reading “Redfoot Tortoise Climbs the Mountain”

Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot

Relaxation looks simple but it really isn’t. Plenty of amateurs think all you have to do to relax is drape a leg on something and – voila. Check that off the list. As if. These pretenders wouldn’t know real relaxation if they fell into it. Real relaxation is an art. First, you want to doContinue reading “Day 364: A Very Relaxed Redfoot”

Day 361: Sweeping for Snacks

Learning the art of snack sweeping takes dedication. Focus. Determination. Most of all, perseverance. After all, the turtle snacks aren’t going to sweep themselves. Being built for low-to-the-ground surveillance gives you certain natural advantages. The snacks can hide, but when they run you will certainly see them! The key is to lurk in absolute stillnessContinue reading “Day 361: Sweeping for Snacks”

Day 359: The Tortoise and the Sea Turtle

There are some great perks to living an indoor/outdoor lifestyle as a redfoot tortoise. Your daily life is definitely more posh and personalized than most others of your kind. But cohabitating with the large shell-less beings (not to mention the small shrieking feathered species) can take some getting used to. Sometimes, you just need toContinue reading “Day 359: The Tortoise and the Sea Turtle”


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