Day 311: Blueberries for Tortoises

redfoot tortoise eats blueberry

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As a hatchling tortoise, you can count on emerging from your round white escape pod feeling hungry.

You have a few emergency rations, of course (these being conveniently located right on the underside of you in their own little yolk sac).

But all too soon these rations will run out and you are going to have to do some foraging, stat.

Since you won’t be sure what to try first, it can be smart to pick a strategy.

For example, you could pick things to eat that are round like you are.

Roundness is a good trait – otherwise you wouldn’t have it.

Maybe you are browsing around and suddenly you spy some small round blue things that look plump and delicious.

You, ever the culinary adventurer, head on over to try one.

redfoot tortoise eats blueberry
You spy a round blue delicacy and head on over to sample it.
redfoot tortoise eats blueberry
So far so good – it is so round and plump it actually looks like a very tiny version of you!
redfoot tortoise eats blueberry
It holds together quite well even when squished between your powerful tortugan jaws.
redfoot tortoise eats blueberry
The inside is sweet and soft, with excellent “mouth-feel” (a technical term).
redfoot tortoise swallows blueberry
The true litmus test, as every gourmand knows, is how easily it slides “down the hatch.”


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