Day 338: A Tortoise and Her Grandpa

In a busy interspecies flock, you’ve got to be a quick study to figure out how to be first in line for treats, pats and cuddles. In other words, there are lots of (very cute) wide open mouths to feed…and every lap has a reservation list a mile long. One great way to shoulder yourContinue reading “Day 338: A Tortoise and Her Grandpa”

Day 326: The Redfoot Of Many Colors

When you are born with red-dotted feet, it doesn’t take a lot of mental revving to figure out how the powers-that-be came up with your common species name. But just because you are known for having red dots, that doesn’t mean you can’t have other colors of dots as well. For example, perhaps you decideContinue reading “Day 326: The Redfoot Of Many Colors”

Day 323: The Good Shelled Life

Every being wants to live a good life. Of course, the details of what, precisely, a “good life” looks like can vary wildly from one individual to the next. Some seem born to carve caves out of rocks – tackling life with brute strength and a dogged determination to walk uphill from start to finish.Continue reading “Day 323: The Good Shelled Life”

Day 311: Blueberries for Tortoises

As a hatchling tortoise, you can count on emerging from your round white escape pod feeling hungry. You have a few emergency rations, of course (these being conveniently located right on the underside of you in their own little yolk sac). But all too soon these rations will run out and you are going toContinue reading “Day 311: Blueberries for Tortoises”

Day 308: A Very Cute Tortoise At Rest

It can take a lot of resting to stay looking very cute. This is often why you will find the less-cute flock members moving around a lot and doing something called “work” while the more-cute flock members are sitting still. Resting. Accumulating cuteness with every restful in-breath and each restful out-breath. Resting could even beContinue reading “Day 308: A Very Cute Tortoise At Rest”

Day 305: Those Perfect Tortoise Nostrils

You don’t want to be born with a shell if you don’t like compliments. All it takes is one glimpse and you can expect to be showered with them anywhere and at any time. Often the first cute thing about you that new fans notice is your adorable red dotted feet. This, naturally, leads themContinue reading “Day 305: Those Perfect Tortoise Nostrils”

Day 302: The Tortoise and the Paparazzi

Fame has its perks – there is no denying that. You get your own posh, private accommodations, dedicated customer service from your own personal large shell-less assistant, a continual stream of fan mail from admirers, shell scratches and warm baths whenever you want them….and of course handfed treats galore. But it is not all sunshineContinue reading “Day 302: The Tortoise and the Paparazzi”

Day 296: Tortoise Cuddles

When you are born cold-blooded with a shell, some beings might not immediately see you as “cuddly.” It is true you enjoy your me-time. You don’t need to be waited on hand and foot (like some of your other high-volume, high-maintenance flock members with feathers we won’t name). But now and then, togetherness-time can beContinue reading “Day 296: Tortoise Cuddles”

Day 293: A Tortoise and Her Blanket

Being a tropical tortoise from South America, you know exactly how you like your climate. WARM. Warm is good. Warmer is better. Very very warm is best of all. Since you don’t prefer to spend the cold weather days buried under a big pile of dusty hay like your smaller, clearly less discerning shelled brother,Continue reading “Day 293: A Tortoise and Her Blanket”

Day 290: A Very Green Redfoot Tortoise

As one well-known cold-blooded being so famously said, “it is not easy being green.” Of course, if being green is difficult, try being red! For starters, red is the official color of chefs everywhere – on account of how it always makes you hungry. So that means snacks are always on your mind. All itContinue reading “Day 290: A Very Green Redfoot Tortoise”

Day 287: A Tortoise’s Favorite Seat

When it comes to seating, it doesn’t really matter what species you are. Everyone has their preferences. For instance, your own personal taste may run to sitting on top of things. Or perhaps you prefer to sit underneath things. Maybe you like your seats more simple and spare….or plush and fluffy. If you aren’t sureContinue reading “Day 287: A Tortoise’s Favorite Seat”

Day 257: Tortoise Transforms Into the Lettuce Pirate

As everyone knows, the annual “Day O’ Treats” is fast approaching. But in order to get the most treats, you have to dress up as something really fearsome. This way, the other beings will become paralyzed with fear when you approach. They will then drop their treats and you can scarf them up. For expediency’sContinue reading “Day 257: Tortoise Transforms Into the Lettuce Pirate”

Day 254: Tortoise Has Resting Blackberry Face

In the world of the large shell-less beings, there is such a thing as “table manners.” Talk about a totally outdated concept. If you really like something, the best reward is to show it. The chef will be happy, the delicacy will be delighted, and you will experience excellent digestion by making each meal aContinue reading “Day 254: Tortoise Has Resting Blackberry Face”

Day 251: A Red Dotted Tortoise

Life in an interspecies flock near-guarantees you will soon discover you are more alike than different…and often in some quite startling ways. Take favorite colors, for instance. Everyone in your little flock has one (although in some cases, there is no accounting for taste). Your large shell-less assistant loves anything in blue. Boring. Your smallContinue reading “Day 251: A Red Dotted Tortoise”

Day 245: Tortoise Trades in Solitude for Snacks

It has been rumored that the flockwide large shell-less assistant is an introvert. Clearly, the paparazzi’s latest “insider-in-the-know” source has been giving out some very bad information. It is true that she may be somewhat solitary by her own species’ standards, but clearly that doesn’t apply when she catches sight of you. While your speciesContinue reading “Day 245: Tortoise Trades in Solitude for Snacks”

Day 242: A Tortoise and Her Tortoise

As a small shelled being, it doesn’t take much time living in an interspecies flock to realize your large shell-less flock member needs a lot of togetherness time. Being more of a laid-back sort yourself, this can create some logistical headaches. For example, sometimes she will show up, eager for more of your signature brandContinue reading “Day 242: A Tortoise and Her Tortoise”

Day 233: Little Tortoise Crunching

Some beings pop out of the egg and can just sing. Others emerge with a whole repertoire of fancy schmancy dance moves already downloaded and ready to rock. Still others are all about whipping up culinary masterpieces, crafting world-class art, solving immense sums in their head…each feat more remarkable than the last and all seeminglyContinue reading “Day 233: Little Tortoise Crunching”

Day 224: Tortoise Trains An Assistant

While it isn’t necessarily “normal” for shelled beings and shell-less beings to cohabitate, it can be a smart choice under certain circumstances. For example, let’s say you are born particularly cute. This means right from day one, your plate is full with evading paparazzi, posing for fan pics, foraging your meals and (of course) plentyContinue reading “Day 224: Tortoise Trains An Assistant”


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