redfoot tortoise with tortoise statue

Day 317: The Best Laid Tortoise Plans

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In some situations, having a shell that covers and protects you from front to back and top to bottom is very, very good.

In other situations, it might be somewhat less good.

For instance, let’s say you are meandering along and you can feel a restful nap coming on.

It is coming on strong and you need to find a secure location to take it, pronto.

You spot what appears to be a fortified area – guarded by one of your own kind to boot!

It looks just perfect.

So you amble on over and get into position.

Sort of.

redfoot tortoise with tortoise statue
Sometimes a potential nap spot looks more restful than it actually is.


  1. Ooohh that look! She really did not appreciate you taking her picture in such an undignified position. Didn’t know tortoises could give dirty looks.

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