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One of my favorite books is called “Wesley the Owl“. Check it out if you have time – it’s an incredible story.

Wesley was a barn owl who was found injured as a tiny infant owl. Since he would never be able to fly well enough to be re-released into the wild, a junior owl biologist, Stacey O’Brien, adopted him.

She learned all kinds of interesting things about owls during her years with Wesley. For instance, owls hate water. Wild owls never go near the stuff. They get all the hydration they need from (wait for it) eating mice.


But Wesley bonded with and eventually (you really have to read the book for this part if nothing else!) took Stacey as his mate. He was in love, so anything Stacey liked Wesley liked.

Including water. He started with showering, and eventually graduated to full-on submersion in a tub full of bathwater.

While Pearl hasn’t gone that far, he too shares my affinity for the shower.

Check it out:

(Oh, yeah. You know it takes guts to post that photo on my blog! ;-))

What Pearl’s not quite as crazy about is the hair dryer. So for up to a couple hours following the dunking, he tends to look like this:

Check out that avian mohawk. It’s like the 80’s never left.

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