Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Be the Cuteness

There are some days you may wake up, take a glance out at the current events unfolding on our small round blue planet and quite justifiably decide it’s a great day to go back to bed. No matter where your eyes may fall or what your ears may hear, it can seem there is noContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Be the Cuteness”

Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Keep Calm and Molt On

Being born with feathers automatically makes you very brave. Need proof? You just keep waking up every morning. You don’t know what you will find. Maybe for 21 straight years full of months and days, everything has been just fine. But that doesn’t mean it always will be. One morning, you might wake up toContinue reading “Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Keep Calm and Molt On”

Cockatiel Digs Into His Grandma’s Homemade English Muffin

It takes a lot of work to train a large featherless waitress. First of all, they are extremely susceptible to “cuteness stunning.” One glance out of your adorable round black cockatiel eyes and….WHOMP. As they say, there she goes again. But with (extreme) patience and (much) perseverance, it can be done. The hours are long.Continue reading “Cockatiel Digs Into His Grandma’s Homemade English Muffin”

Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle

When it comes to waffles, what’s not to love? From crispy and crunchy to soft and fluffy….well, as they say, so many waffles recipes, so little time. Waffles are so vital, so essential. And yet so often they appear only to disappear again just as quickly! This is why Pearl has launched his most importantContinue reading “Cockatiel Falls in Love With Waffle”

Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box

As all feathered beings know, foraging is fantastic. Foraging is fun. Invigorating. Exciting, even. You never know what you might find. Or who. Heck, if you dig down deep enough you might even discover a fetching and feathery ladybird who sees your foraging box for what it truly is – a nesting box with greatContinue reading “Happy Cockatiel With New Foraging Box”

Cockatiel Stakes His Laptop Claim

In today’s culture, it has become popular to put a ring on items you particularly like and want to claim for your very own. Clearly, this is because most beings don’t have any feathers. In fact, the vast majority of life forms are completely unable to grow their own feathers (not for any lack ofContinue reading “Cockatiel Stakes His Laptop Claim”

BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power”

There is an art as well as a science to staying hidden out in plain sight. In fact, it is mostly the newbie top-secret agents who opt for staying well camouflaged both in their cover identity and in their real role. The real pros know how to get twice the camo for half the effortContinue reading “BONUS! Presenting Pearl Cutts in “Flower Power””

Day 363: How to Cuteness Stun Anything

Everyone has heard of “cuteness overload.” Or at least everyone who keeps company with feathered beings has heard of this. Cuteness overload is a serious issue….but it is nothing compared to “cuteness stunning.” Huh? What? Yup. Cuteness stunning. Where cuteness overload is just being very very cute, cuteness stunning is using your cuteness to, well,Continue reading “Day 363: How to Cuteness Stun Anything”

Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting

Hiring a large featherless assistant makes sense for all kinds of reasons. But it sure can come with a steep learning curve. It won’t take but an hour or so before you start to notice they are rather….strange. Many of the things they do stray so far from common sense no amount of geolocation couldContinue reading “Day 360: Towels Are For Nesting”

Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away

Being tasked with top secret protection detail comes with some particular challenges. This is especially the case when your reputation as .007, pint-sized super spy, is such that it often precedes you. While it is true you won’t ever see news headlines proclaiming to the masses that you’ve been assigned to a case, word travelsContinue reading “Day 358: The Rice That Almost Got Away”

Day 349: Cockatiel With a Cocktail

The large featherless beings invest a lot of energy in entertaining. There are rituals and routines, decorations and delicacies. Some days get hardly any attention at all while others are eagerly awaited all year long. It’s kinda weird. But then again, not everyone can be born with fluffy grey and white feathers all over theirContinue reading “Day 349: Cockatiel With a Cocktail”

Day 343: Cockatiel Chomps the Biscuit

The mightiest of palates can sometimes be found in the tiniest of places. After all, when you only have so much holding capacity in your cute little gullet, you don’t want to waste it on sub-par delicacies. Only the tastiest and most flavorful fare will do. Here, quantity is irrelevant. Quality is all that matters.Continue reading “Day 343: Cockatiel Chomps the Biscuit”

Day 340: The Best Nest Defense

Nesting season is not for amateurs. And there is a reason the ladybirds today are so choosy. After all, it only takes a second to make an egg, but it takes weeks to guard all that round white cuteness. And it takes even more weeks to feed those precious soft downy mouths….teach them to preen….toContinue reading “Day 340: The Best Nest Defense”

Day 337: A Nesting Bird Never Rests

Nesting season is rigorous without a doubt. Depending on your species, you may be required to break out the song and dance (literally) to win your lady’s heart. Alternately, you may be tasked with presenting one (or several) suitable potential nesting sites for the ladybirds to evaluate at their leisure. Since the ladies may changeContinue reading “Day 337: A Nesting Bird Never Rests”

Day 334: A Big and Fluffy Bird

There is no doubt being a big bird can be a survival-of-the-fittest advantage. The ladybirds take one look at you and think “well fed!” The predators take one look at you and think “fierce and ferocious!” Being very fluffy can also have its evolutionary advantages. For ladybirds, fluffiness equals cuteness. And cuteness equals adorable eggsContinue reading “Day 334: A Big and Fluffy Bird”

Day 331: A Very Happy New Year Bird

The start of a fresh new set of 365 days is always cause to celebrate. Heck, even beings who can’t grow their own feathers tend to get very happy on such an occasion. If you are lucky enough to be a being who can grow your own feathers, the start of a new year meansContinue reading “Day 331: A Very Happy New Year Bird”

Day 328: Cockatiel Plays Capture the Laptop

Having lots of flock members has its pros and its cons. On the cons side….well, “sharing” is never a favorite. On the pros side….why share when you can get whatever you want with “cuteness?” Of course, it can be fun to let your flock mates at least think they are giving you the desired itemContinue reading “Day 328: Cockatiel Plays Capture the Laptop”

Day 325: Wet Bird Couture Is Back!

It can be challenging work – juggling an empire. One minute you are engrossed in planning your newest one-avian hit play. The next minute you are called away for some top secret mission – allegedly. Each free moment is occupied in turn….from “fixer-upper” nest flipping projects for the spring ladybird season to (even more) retrainingContinue reading “Day 325: Wet Bird Couture Is Back!”


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