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My NCS (National Cockatiel Society) friend Sabrina Hull has solved the problem of the “only parrot.”

When the parront (that would be me in this particular example) can barely keep up with one cockatiel, let alone two cockatiels, why not make the second one crocheted?

Even better, Sabrina crochets “male whiteface” cockatiel buddies – if you are a whiteface parront like me you already know just how difficult it is to find lovely artwork and furnishings in this exotic color combination. Which means you can also appreciate my over-the-moon excitement. 🙂

Best of all, considering that we are right now attempting the nearly-impossible – converting my seed-loving feathery sidekick to a breakfast blend of parrot chop (everything but the seeds plus fruits and veggies) – a little positive peer pressure can only help.

Wait a minute. Who are you?
Wait a minute. Who are you?
You know, you're quite pretty. You look a lot like....me.
You know, you’re quite pretty. You look a lot like….me.
Well okay, if you say it's safe to eat this "chop" stuff...
Well okay, if you say it’s safe to eat this “chop” stuff…

If your bird needs a buddy you can visit Sabrina on Facebook.

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