Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Fling It Now, Ask Questions Later

cockatiel snack plate

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Back in the days of ye olde Wild West, gunslingers knew just what to do when someone or something annoyed them and wouldn’t go away.

Shoot it now. Ask questions later.

When you have feathers, you know that while the West was undoubtedly wild, it was still no big deal compared to the food chain o’ life where you hail from.

Now THAT is wild.

Instead of guns, your foes have fangs.

Their motto is “pounce while the pouncing’s good.”

So you don’t want to stop and ponder when something that thinks you look exactly like lunch is clearly gearing up to spring.

It doesn’t matter what size it is, or even if you can see it at all. It might even be microscopic, but you can still feel its teensy-tiny fangs sticking out from its ungainly round single-celled body as it readies itself to make its move.

And so – you fling it.

Fling it far. Fling it wide. Fling it now. Ask questions later.

Or never. Never works, too.

cockatiel snack plate
When you sense a predator (of any size) preparing to pounce, you now know what to do. Fling it with everything you’ve got!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama


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