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Day 116: Wrangling for Alpha

In the Wild West, a "wrangler" is a professional who keeps other unruly beings¬†in line. In fact, the word "wrangle" literally means to "wrestle" or "dispute." So essentially, a wrangler is the alpha in any flock. A wrangler's job isn't ever easy, but it is rewarding (on account of how the alpha always gets first … Continue reading Day 116: Wrangling for Alpha

Day 287: Tie Slinger

In the old Wild West, there was such a being as a "gun slinger." A "gun slinger" earned the title by, well, slinging a gun better than everyone else (you could tell who was best at this by the body count). In the same way, in the new modern (south)west, there is such a being … Continue reading Day 287: Tie Slinger

Day 163: Staking Your Claim

In the Wild West, when someone wanted to stake a claim to something they liked, they would run around all over it (or gallop if they had a horse) and then literally¬†stick a stake into it. Thankfully, today it is much easier to declare ownership (as well as less violent). Even better, you don't even … Continue reading Day 163: Staking Your Claim


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