Day 100: Cockatiel Digs Into Tortilla Chips for Two

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Fully furnished nests are a rarity in the world of feathered beings, especially as the spring nesting season really gets underway.

If you want to find the best real estate, you need to start your scouting early.

But occasionally, even late in the game, a true gem might suddenly appear.

When this happens, you want to jump on it. Run inside it. Fling the furnishings around. Truly make it your own. Beak-o-graph it as many times as you need to in order to let poachers know THIS NEST IS SPOKEN FOR.

A still-single and suave solo manly manbird spies what appears to be a fully furnished posh nest.
Harnessing the power of his keen avian eyes, he assesses the lay of the land and decides to stake his claim.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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