Day 132: Hip Hip Hurray for the Tall Tree!

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Sometimes at first glance, you might look at two beings and think they don’t have so much in common.

Perhaps one is very tall with absolutely no feathers while the other is very small and is covered in soft feathers.

Maybe one likes to sing in a deep baritone voice and the other prefers to keep to the high treble realms.

And it could be that one is at their best in the morning while the other one seems to gather steam as the day goes on.

But underneath, there are so many similarities just waiting to be discovered!

For example, they both love to sing and enjoy music. They both love to nap and roost. They both enjoy watching the large reflective rectangular device.

And they both eat heartily whenever a gustatory delicacy happens to present itself.

Best of all, they like to do everything they like to do together – it is just more fun that way!

Pearl and his personal Tall Tree prepare to dig in to some delicious breakfast delicacies together.
Two besties roosting and napping contentedly together.
The Tall Tree and his grand bird enjoying the Small Chef’s signature waffles together.

Happiest (Grand)father’s Day to the Tall Tree!

Your flock loves you so much!




Flash Gordon

The Small Tree

The large featherless assistant

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