Day 121: Cockatiel Says That’s Not My Feather

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When your petite and powerfully aerodynamic body is completely covered in soft feathers, it is safe to say there is a place for every feather and every feather in its place.

And when it is time for action, it is all feathers on deck (so to speak).

This means you don’t take renegade feathers lightly. A deserter can drop out but it can’t return. Any attempts to ingratiate itself back into the flock will be met with the sternest of reprimands, like so….

So you are the renegade feather that dropped out and now wants to return to the flock?
I have some bad news for you, buddy.
Once you secede from the union, you are on your own.
No, “Mom,” I have no idea whose feather that is. But it’s certainly not my feather – all my feathers are on my cute feathery body.

If the feather still insists on trying to sweet-talk its way back, Pearl has made this helpful video so “visual” learners can see exactly what to do:

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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