Day 172: Cockatiel Is a Featherweight

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In the world of top secret “black ops” agents, it is very important to know your correct measurements so you are issued the right gear.

Too light, and the gear won’t be sufficiently intimidating.

Too heavy, and the gear will make your job harder rather than easier.

So when you go to the agent headquarters to pick up all your cool gadgets and gizmos (and of course, with your status as .007, pint-sized super spy, you rate all the best gadgets and gizmos), you want to be sure to give them the right weight category.

Otherwise, with the constant influx of large featherless new hires doing their training at headquarters, who knows what size gear you might walk out with!

For example, there is “heavyweight.” This is the right weight category if you happen to be T-Rex (or Nessie, or Yeti, or Godzilla).

Then there is “middleweight.”  This is about the weight of your average elephant.

“Lightweight” is a good category for most everyone else.

And of course there is “featherweight” – this is your category.

In order to qualify for the “featherweight” agent weight category, you want to weigh in at precisely 78 grams.
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