Day 184: A Cockatiel By Any Other Name

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When you have feathers and cohabitate in an interspecies flock, it can take some time to fully assimilate into the dominant culture.

For example, let’s say your flock includes more large featherless beings than any other species (there are also two shelled beings, but who is counting those).

So everyone else in the flock has the extra added challenge of learning featherless ways whether they particularly want to or not.

One especially unusual custom the featherless beings have is to give the feathered flock members multiple names.

For instance, let’s say you have feathers and are looking especially cute. Your slavishly devoted large featherless assistant happens along and notices. She exclaims:

“Is that my love bug – my precious one – my soul bird – love with wings?!!!”

Sure. Maybe. I don’t know. Is it?

If there is one thing you can count on when you are looking especially cute, it is getting one or a dozen new nicknames.

Or maybe you have just had a refreshing shower and have emerged with every single feather you own plastered down all over your usually plump and fluffy body.

Your large featherless showering assistant takes one look at you and coos:

“I see my Wet Bird Couture super bird model – my fresh and feathery superstar, my damp and dapper manly manbird!”

Um, okay. I guess you do.

A certain fresh and feathery, damp and dapper manly manbird gets renamed yet again.

And then perhaps you see a tender and tasty green being located just out of reach of your avian casa.

From where you sit on top of your casa, you plot a simple and straight trajectory from here to there, commencing with “lift-off” and ending up on top of your chosen destination.

Your MommyGuard hears all the commotion and comes racing into the room, shrieking:

“PEARLbird! Avian SAFETY! PearlBIRD! Pearl, what did mommy say? LoveBucket – what did mommy SAY?! Love With Wings – that houseplant is a family member, not a snack!

What was that, 10 names in 10 seconds?

A certain feathery someone’s MommyGuard quickly mobilizes to separate the flock “alpha” from his off-limits bright green flock member….creating several colorful new names for him in the process.
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  1. To paraphrase an old commercial, a day without Shannon, Pearl, Malty and Bruce is a day without sunshine for me!

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