Cockatiel perches on basket of wicker

Day 277: Cockatiel Highlights the Many Faces of Wicker

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Wicker is wonderful.

It is crispy. It is crunchy. It has a fantastic trajectory when flung.

So it is no wonder wicker is the artistic medium of choice for so many artists today.

As a new up-and-coming artiste with feathers, you may initially spend time trying many media just to see which you like best.

But just like so many timeless feathered creatives before you, eventually you return to your first and finest love – wicker.

(Here, it is also worth mentioning that wicker shows off the artiste himself to perfection – to the point where some, quite legitimately, may question which one is the true work of art.)

We leave you, the artist’s treasured VIP fans, to make your own assessment.

Cockatiel on wicker basket
The fashion-forward and feathery artiste poses on top of his latest work-in-progress, tentatively entitled “The Many Faces of Wicker.”
Cockatiel sits on wicker
Or it could be called “The Many Faces of Cuteness.”
Cockatiel perches on basket of wicker
Or “The Many Faces of Sweetness.”
Cockatiel poses on wicker basket
Or even “The Many Faces of Feathery-ness” (subtitled: “the fierce and feathery baby bald eagle”)

What title is your favorite? 


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