Day 349: Cockatiel With a Cocktail

The large featherless beings invest a lot of energy in entertaining. There are rituals and routines, decorations and delicacies. Some days get hardly any attention at all while others are eagerly awaited all year long. It’s kinda weird. But then again, not everyone can be born with fluffy grey and white feathers all over theirContinue reading “Day 349: Cockatiel With a Cocktail”

Day 316: A Parrot and His Props

Not too many fans understand just how grueling it can be to rake in consistent five-feather reviews in the competitive field of “acting.” In nearly all cases, all the fans know is that they love the star, they love the plot, they love the play and they love the props. But managing props in particularContinue reading “Day 316: A Parrot and His Props”

Day 277: Cockatiel Highlights the Many Faces of Wicker

Wicker is wonderful. It is crispy. It is crunchy. It has a fantastic trajectory when flung. So it is no wonder wicker is the artistic medium of choice for so many artists today. As a new up-and-coming artiste with feathers, you may initially spend time trying many media just to see which you like best.Continue reading “Day 277: Cockatiel Highlights the Many Faces of Wicker”

Day 250: Cockatiel Launches a Molt-a-thon

In the world of the large featherless beings, events ending in “thon” are quite popular. Take the “mara-thon,” for instance. It is an event you just can’t un-see – and also makes you appreciate being able to grow your own feathers that much more. The “tele-thon” is less popular today now that that sort ofContinue reading “Day 250: Cockatiel Launches a Molt-a-thon”


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