Day 28: Pearl Cutts in “Arugula Interrogation”

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With so much competition for VIP fans today, there is nothing like a good, spicy, suspenseful story to keep an audience coming back for more.

The more spicy, the more suspenseful, the better.

If the story is so spicy and suspenseful the fans faint dead away before it even begins and remember nothing, even better.

That signature bump on the head is how they can know they had a really good time.

Of course, not every playwright can craft such compelling content, let alone design their own stage setup, select appropriate “props” AND star in the drama!

But for those few top talents who can, there will always be a lengthy line of VIP fans waiting at the box office for each new theatrical presentation!

Without further ado, Love and Feathers (and Shells) proudly presents the one, the only, the famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian play:

“Arugula Interrogation”

As usual, there is a lengthy line of VIP fans standing way too close to each other so as to be closer to the front of the line.

The closer they stand to each other, the grumpier they become. Theater security is overheard to observe how very much they look like large featherless dominoes, all standing in a neat little line just waiting to be toppled.

This description turns out to be particularly apropos when, in the excitement of the box office throwing up the sales window, the fans at the front of the line start fainting and falling right on top of the still-standing fans just behind them!

Sadly, no one thought to capture this epic moment on video. 

Hello, “Mom.” So these are the suspects I was called in to interrogate? Yes, they are just as vibrantly green as you described them. No I do not need any backup.
So what do you have to say for yourselves? Anything?
Rest assured I will get the whole story out of you one way or another.
We can do this the “hard way” or the “easy way.” I don’t have all day. So let’s start with the “hard way” and take it from there.
What’s that you say? You’ve taken a vote and you’d prefer the “easy way?” You’ve made a wise choice. Now let’s start with your name, rank and serial number….

Just then, the mysterious large featherless entity known to fans only as “Mom” enters from stage left. She walks right up to the top secret agent, interrupting his interrogation-in-progress!

At first, he looks more than a little peeved. But then fans can barely make out the whispered phrase “waffle break” and the star’s face instantly relaxes. He nods, glares at his green suspects, then hops onto “Mom’s” finger and off they go.

The End.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

2 thoughts on “Day 28: Pearl Cutts in “Arugula Interrogation”

  1. A happy way to start the week. Good morning Pearl, shells and human flock. Have a happy one! 😃

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