Day 97: Cockatiel Claims One Found Mouse

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If you live in a flock where you have many flock mates yet only one rectangular shiny device with the crispy keys, sometimes you have to get creative about claiming your turn.

Rather than whine about how your large featherless flock mate is monopolizing the device yet again, you can challenge yourself to find another way to help her remember that “sharing is caring.”

For example, after studying her for some minutes (hours, days) as she types away on the accessory with the crispy, flingable keys, you may notice how often she reaches for the small device that perfectly matches your white head and crest feathers.

Clearly, this device is essential to operation.

Ergo, if you can claim it, you can claim your turn.

Using clear and unambiguous “visual communication” techniques, a flock member with feathers reminds his large featherless flock mate that “sharing is caring.”
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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