Happy Birthday to the Tallest Tree!

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Today is a very special day! It is the day when Pearl’s Grandpa, the Tall Tree (and certainly the Tallest Tree in our little flock), was born!

We are all very excited to celebrate!

Pearl is especially excited to celebrate, since he and his personal Tall Tree like to do all the same activities, like eating Grandma’s home-baked delicacies and roosting with their eyes closed and singing very musically and staring at the large rectangular screen together.

So it is sure to be a very fun and festive feather-centric day!

Pearl and his personal Tall Tree get ready to have a festive, feather-centric birthday full of their favorite activities!

Happy, happy birthday to the Tall Tree from his loving flock!


the large featherless assistant

the Small Chef

Malti & Bruce

the wild & woolly furred being (aka Flash Gordon)


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