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As the Alpha (and only) bird in the household, Pearl sees her role from a supervisory perspective.

She doesn’t see any need to ask permission, either.

As an interesting adjunct to the What’s Yours is Mine rule, Pearl also awards herself right of first refusal on every new object that enters her sphere.

And she gives herself carte blanche to supervise Mommy’s activities and offer her opinion on whether or not I am making good use of my time (“good use” roughly translating into any activity that involves food or feather scratching at the top of the list, and all other activities, including earning rent, below that).

Here’s how it starts:

Yup. Mommy's involved in a time-suck with that large silver thing again. I'd better do something.
I'll take a closer look first.
She's still not getting it. Chewing always gets her attention - I'll try that.
She's unusually dense today. Maybe if I chew closer to her workspace....

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