Pearl Answers Your Question: What’s Your Secret?

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The large featherless being here….

One of the (many) best perks of being personal assistant to a VIP client with feathers is nonstop opportunities to learn.

Now we are delighted to announce Pearl has opened up the Q&A line to YOU, his VIP fans!

Ask him anything – we guarantee you he has an answer!

To submit your questions:

This week’s question comes from Lyn, a VIP fan:

Hi Pearl,

Your featherless Mum has mentioned that you are about 15 years young….how do you stay so handsome and well groomed?

Is your secret all those delicious waffles….?


Lyn Long


Dear Lyn,

The waffles are very delicious for sure, and waffles do have all the best nutrients in them for enhancing bright black eyes, cute pink feet, a sweet curved beak and soft fluffy (yet very manly and masculine) feathers.

Choosing the right large featherless staff also helps (I am very happy with my personal Small Chef and my personal Tall Tree in particular).

And having feathers – well, there’s no substitute for a daily pick-me-up like that!

Plus I love being me.

After all, what’s not to love, when you have the best coloration, the best menu, the best window ledge and wicker wheel, the best VIP Fans, the best flock….AND you are very cute and pretty too?

I hope that helps clear up the mystery some.

With love (& feathers),


….as dictated to his large featherless press secretary

Pearl. Showing off sweet pink feet, round black eyes, a cute curved beak and soft fluffy feathers.
Pearl. Showing off sweet pink feet, round black eyes, a cute curved beak and soft fluffy feathers.

p.s. Remember, you can submit your own questions for Pearl by sending them to: (all questions are answered in the order they are received)

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