Pearl Explains Parrots: Flapping

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Parrots are very lucky. Not only do they have soft, plush feathers covering their entire body, but they have WINGS.

Wings, of course, are made for flapping. There are lots of different ways to have fun with wings.

For instance, you can be sitting quietly and suddenly start flapping vigorously. You don’t have to have a reason to do this (although if you haven’t had any luck summoning your large featherless waitress over to take your order, this is a great way to expedite customer service!).

Flapping is also great fun right after you’ve eaten birdseed, millet or anything that you can break down into tiny, “flingable” pieces. Not only is it an easy and quick way to clean off your dining area, but the moment you start flapping, it is like someone has opened a big bag of confetti that just showers down everywhere – party time!!

And flapping can ensure each feather is where it is supposed to be and doing what it is supposed to be doing. When a feather gets uppity, a good energetic flapping session can remind it who is boss and re-establish the avian-wide pecking order.

Pearl prepares for another spontaneous and vigorous session of “flapping” using his two wonderful, feather-covered WINGS!

Pearl & Shannon

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2 thoughts on “Pearl Explains Parrots: Flapping

  1. I had never thought of showing who is boss to those feathers. Now I know I do think it’s for primarily cleaning the immediate area to remind mom who keeps her busy😄. Lol

    1. Oh yes-that is a very important reason since the large featherless brings can always benefit from more training and chances to practice what they’re learning….

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