Pearl Explains Parrots: Grandbirdparents

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Every parrot knows it is important to have grandbirdparents.

First of all, if you think your large featherless assistant is a pushover for feathers, wait until you meet her flock elders! These beings, known as “grandparents” when parenting other featherless beings, also make the best grandbirdparents.

Grandbirdparents love to pamper and spoil their grandbirds. They prepare delicious delicacies just for you. They let you sit wherever you want and praise you when you make your (frequent) deposits.

Grandbirdparents think every note you sing is the sweetest one yet and are always encouraging you to “turn up the volume.” They love posing with you while your assistant works the small rectangular flashing device.

Best of all, grandbirdparents will take care of you if your assistant ever has to travel, and they will make sure the level of top-notch customer service is uninterrupted.

A doting Grandma (aka the “Small Chef”) posts in front of the small rectangular flashing device with her grandbird.
A doting Grandpa (aka the “Tall Tree”) handfeeds his grandbird a crispy chip.

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