Pearl Explains Parrots: Snack Scouting

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Being a part of a flock means always being on the lookout for snacks. If you are hungry, chances are good some or all of your flock mates are hungry too.

Here, when you find a delicacy you want to share, of course….just as soon as you have ingested as much of the snack as you can cram inside your crop.

There is an art to snack scouting. Snacks are notoriously shy, and they will quickly try to hide if they think you’ve spotted them. But they also have very short attention spans, which can work in your favor.

This means the best way is to sneak up on them and do a bit of “snack reconnaissance” before pouncing. They may see you there, lurking and watching, but after awhile if you haven’t moved, they will become complacent.

This is your moment to pounce. Once you have captured the desired snack item, you want to quickly crunch and munch until you are full. Then you can alert your flock mates that you’ve found something tasty (if there is anything left, that is).

An expert snack scout (with feathers) lurks until the snacks become complacent, at which time he will pounce and crunch and munch.

Pearl & Shannon

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2 thoughts on “Pearl Explains Parrots: Snack Scouting

  1. I so love that shot. It completely explains what you describe. As a fellow tiel owner, I identify with your report. Another tactic is to sit quietly on the shoulder until you are forgotten. Then, when the hand with the snack is raised to the appropriate height, you can lean forward and grab a bite.

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