Shower Door Aerobics

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Sometimes when I take a shower Pearl also wants one.

That is my indication that I should adjust the stream to “fine spray” (just the way he likes it) and let him sit under the spray for a bit.

But most of the time Pearl’s enthusiasm for shower time has more to do with the highly reflective quality of the shower door rim.

While I’m soaping and scrubbing, he is posturing and contorting, all the while delivering a steady stream of appreciative self-esteem-boosting chirps.

Yup. There she is again, just like last time.
Yup. Just as pretty as I remembered.
I'm not sure if I prefer "beak open" or "beak closed".
I’m not sure if I prefer “beak open” or “beak closed”. Maybe I’ll try it again.
I look very pretty in the other side of the door too!
I look very pretty in the other side of the door too!
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Published by Shannon Cutts

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