Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “Complementary Colors”

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When you are lucky enough to be born with a classic “grey and white” coloration, every other color only serves to enhance your already timeless appearance.

And of course, beings of every shade and hue, from pastel to primary, love to be around you because your coloration sets theirs off to perfection!

In the haute couture world of high fashion, this is what is known as “complementary coloration.” (Among the large featherless beings, you often see this when two beings appear on the so-named “red carpet” together and one being is in stark black-and-white while the other sports some kind of wildly colorful attire).

Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian play:

“Complementary Colors”

As the fans line up to enter the theater, it is easy to see that all are finding the name of this new play very inspiring! There are colors galore – from the ever-classic grey-and-white that some long-time fans always sport to fiery reds and deep greens and ocean blues…..

The fans are a literal riot of colors (which also means that for once they have dressed perfectly to match their behavior as they jockey with one another for the best front-row seats). Just then, the curtains draw back to reveal a single striking orange-hued being occupying center stage. 

Well, hello there. You must be my “prop” for today’s thriller. And may I just say your orange outfit is quite well chosen (unlike so many of the “props” my large featherless assistant selects for me).
Your coloration will be the perfect complement to my classic grey-and-white feathers.
What’s that you say? You taste as good as you look? And you’d like to prove it because you are my biggest fan?

Suddenly there is some commotion in the theater. Clearly, a few fan feathers have gotten rustled by a challenge to their self-proclaimed status as the famous actor’s “biggest fan.” This does not go unnoticed by the actor himself, although, ever the professional, he never once breaks from character. 

[said in sotto voce] Well, look, you might want to keep your voice down when you say things like that. Some of the theater “regulars” get very touchy about statements like “my biggest fan.” Yes, of course we can just keep that between us.
So just hold very still and I will activate my super-sensitive avian palate to test out your theory that you taste as good as you look.
The entire theater seems to be holding their breath as the star takes one tiny bite, nibbles it, rolls it around on his tongue to get its “mouth feel,” and then sends it “down the hatch” for processing.
So, well, look. The good news is your coloration is still perfectly complementary. And the bad news? Have you ever heard of the “waffle?”

Just then, the audience catches the faintest whiff of an all-too-familiar scent – their favorite star’s contractually stipulated post-production “snack break” is approaching and clearly his large featherless waitress, “Mom,” is busy toasting up his favorite waffle-flavored delicacy.

As the star poses for official press shots with his colorful “prop,” the curtain slowly draws to a close. Fans exit the theater, mouths watering.

The End.


Shannon & Pearl

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