Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “Laptop Lockdown”

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It’s not easy keeping two identities straight. Let’s say, for example, that you are tasked with cracking the toughest cases, but only in utter secret.

To do this successfully, you need to have another, separate identity, if for no other reason than to have a ready answer to the question, “So what do you do for a living?”

After all, when you are .007, pint-sized super spy, you can’t very well just go around saying, “I am a ‘black ops’ secret agent!”

So instead you say, “Well, some beings know me as Pearl Cutts, the famous and feathery actor.”

Speaking of which, Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian play:

“Laptop Lockdown”

As the actor’s VIP fans enter the theater, they can see a dusky grey spaceship has docked right on the stage. 

It seems to be glowing faintly and emitting a slight hum. 

The audience is mesmerized….so much so that, when the feathery star finally does stride on stage, they actually forget to faint (which also means that, for once, the play actually starts on time).

Well, well. Who have we here? You are a “spaceship” named “laptop,” you say? Do you have a docking permit?
Well of course you have to have a docking permit to land here. This is a privately owned stage. Produce your docking permit at once or we will have to put you in lockdown.
Oh hello, “Mom.” Yes, this spaceship landed here but they don’t have a docking permit. No, I don’t need any backup at the moment.

The mysterious large featherless being known only as “Mom” nods her head in assent and disappears backstage.

Look, as I was saying, you need a docking permit if you want to park here. Well, you can go get one and then come back if you like. But we can’t guarantee this spot will still be available.
What’s that you say? Waffles? You want to pay for your docking permit with waffles?
Yes, Mom, they are going to pay for their docking permit in waffles. I told them they could just give me all the waffles and that should cover it.

At this point, a distinctly “toasted” scent begins to waft towards the audience from the docked spaceship. The scent is quite….strong.

The already drooling fans are ushered swiftly out of the theater as the curtain snaps shut.

The. End.


Shannon & Pearl

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