Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “You’re Toasted!”

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In the hush-hush world of super-secret “black ops” agents, operatives have to learn to speak a whole new language.

There are code words for all kinds of things. Tone and inflection also convey a deeper meaning than just the definition of a word itself.

Take the word “toasted,” for example. There is the regular meaning: when you put a slice of bread into a toaster. And then there is the “black ops” meaning. Which, well, is somewhat grimmer.

While it is never possible to speak of these alternate meanings out in the open, sometimes an actor will come along who seems to have a knack for portraying the world of the super-secret agent without giving away all the trade secrets.

Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian play:

“You’re Toasted”

Fans are eagerly anticipating the newest drama by their favorite pint-sized famous and feathery actor. Even the title of the new drama is gripping! The line is already around the block hours before the doors are scheduled to open, with “regulars” guarding their position fiercely at the front of the line. 

Well, well, mate – you don’t look like you’re from around these parts.
What’s that, “Mom?” Yes, this is the suspect I was called about. Yes, from the coded message.
Yes, of course you can whisper your confession to me. Go ahead, I’m listening.
That is a very grim confession. You can’t just go around “toasting” other beings, you know. It’s very bad form.
And, as they say, those who toast will get toasted. 

The mysterious being known only as “Mom” hurries onstage for a sotto voce consultation with her famous and feathery VIP charge. The only words the fans can hear are these: “Yes, he’s toasted. Yes, the case is closed.”

The rest is drowned out by the sound of loud munching and crunching, which continues even as the curtains are drawn closed…..

The End.


Shannon & Pearl

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