Weekend Reading List: Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo

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Here at Casa Feathers n Beak, reading is a flock-wide tradition.

While some of us like to focus on the words on the page, while others of us prefer to focus on the crispiness of those pages, it is safe to say no book entering this household lacks for attention.

So Pearl thought it would be a great idea to combine his literary knowledge with his mommy’s typing skills to offer a “book o’ the week” review – just in time for your weekend reading list!

This week, the book is “Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo” by Sy Montgomery.

Pearl shakes his feather-maker in honor of Snowball and Bird Lovers Only!
Pearl shakes his feather-maker in honor of Snowball and Bird Lovers Only!

Pearl’s review: This bird can definitely dance, although I think he would be more visible on the dance floor if he had some grey feathers to contrast with all that white. And it is very nice indeed that the author and illustrator donate proceeds to the Bird Lovers Only nonprofit! By the way, if you like donating proceeds, I highly recommend this book (all proceeds benefit an equally talented grey and white feathery someone).


His mommy’s review: How many times have I watched Snowball’s dance videos – they are the perfect pick-me-up on tough days and an extra reason to smile every day! Now we have a book about Snowball too – AWESOME! 🙂

Happy reading!

With love (& feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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