Wet Bird Couture Presents: The Spider Lily

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The spider lily has many aliases, including Amaryllis, Hippeastrum (not its catchiest moniker) and Knight’s Star Lily.

With a complicated past and many claimants to the ever (um) blooming genealogical tree, the name “Knight’s Star Lily” is today assumed to reference Sweden’s Order of the Polar Star, an honorary merit-based knighthood society.

With long, graceful flowering tendrils and sturdy tall leaves, the spider lily exemplifies royal refinement while sticking close to its fortified (er) roots.

A spider lily shows off profuse refined white blooms (with its sturdy green leaves standing at the ready for backup). (image courtesy of Wikipedia)
A spider lily shows off profuse refined white blooms (with its sturdy green leaves digging down into fortified roots for backup). (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

It takes a singular model indeed to pull together a look that depends simultaneously on royal refinement and sturdy steadfastness.

Wet Bird Couture is proud to announce its latest must-have look, the “Spider Lily.”

Here, notice how the delicate tendrils of the model's crest create a stark contrast with the sturdy plushness of the neck feathers.
Here, notice how the royal crest tendrils sweep delicately up and away from the neck line.

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl


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