Wet Bird Couture: The Kingfisher

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The kingfisher is a noble bird, with flight speeds of up to 32 mph and the ability to swallow whole small fish in flight. Kingfishers also prefer to nest in mud.

All of which may cause you to wonder what on earth the “kingfisher” and the “cockatiel” could possibly have in common.

Why – fashion of course!

The pied kingfisher is a particularly fashionable kingfisher species, opting for the classic “black and white” coloration that so many style trendsetters today favor.

As well, this particular kingfisher is noted for an especially artful display of crest feathers.

The “pied kingfisher” (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Happily, this is a timeless look that wears equally well across species.

Introducing “The Kingfisher,” the latest must-have look from Wet Bird Couture.

Notice the classic primary coloring, as well as the equally artful crest feathers as they swoop back and down over the neck line.
Notice the classic contrasting coloring, as well as the equally artful arrangement of crest feathers swooping back and down over the neck line.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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