What a Small Grey Bird and a Mega Pop Star Have in Common

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As a recovered anorexic and bulimic going on 10 years now, I continue follow with great interest the ongoing battle between good and evil.

That is, between those that want to insist that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and those who insist “beautiful” only comes in a size zero.

This is why I love it when peeps send me links to articles about beautiful, curvy celebrities who use their visibility to change the playing field for the rest of us.

Like the post I got this morning about Christina Aguilera. And this is a real shocker…..

Christina Aguilera (gasp!) loves her curvy new body

(IMO, the fact that her new bf loves it too is just a bonus.)

Pearl can relate.

Nearly every vet visit, she comes in at a neat, round 14 grams.

This last vet visit, our new doc proposed that I buy my feathered gal a scale. So I could “monitor her weight between visits”.

As if.

I don’t torture myself with a scale, and I’m not about to subject Pearl’s insanely high healthy self-esteem to that either!

Yah. Ain’t gonna happen. This is one girl who KNOWS she’s beautiful just the way she is.

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